iMarine attended the SAHA EXPO Defence Aerospace Exhibition

iMarine, one of Turkey’s leading marine electronics manufacturers, participated in the SAHA EXPO Defense, Aerospace Industry Fair held at Istanbul Expo Center between 25-28 October 2022. Many local and foreign visitors visited iMarine stand and received detailed information regarding the new generation AIS systems and products. SAHA EXPO, supported by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of […]

TCG Yzb. Güngör Durmuş (A-574) uses iMarine WAIS

TCG Yzb. Güngör Durmuş (A-574), the first ship of the Logistics Support Ship Project, which was produced to meet the logistical needs of our combat ships, participated in the inventory of our Navy Command. The A-574 uses the Warfare Automatic Identification System (WAIS), developed entirely domestically and nationally by i-Marine. The first ship of Turkish […]

Sea Taxi uses iMarine AIS

Sea Taxi service of Istanbul Greater City Municipality has started. Sea Taxi is using our Class-B Automatic Identification System Transponders for tracking and traffic management.  i-Marine has one of largest AIS Class-B deployments in the world with 5000+ active systems, which has several country specific functions on top of international Class-B features. 

iMarine WAIS on TCG Ufuk

Turkish Navy commissions newest intelligence ship, TCG Ufuk(A-591) which is capable of intelligence operations in tough climatic and maritime conditions.  iMarine is proudly supplying its Warship AIS (WAIS) System to TCG Ufuk Intelligence Ship of Turkish Navy.