Turkish Directorate General of Coastal Safety

Turkish AIS AtoN Network (SOTAS)

The purpose of the SOTAS Project is to remotely monitor and manage existing navigational aids which are distributed along the entire Turkish coastline via AIS AtoN stations. Project is one of the largest AIS AtoN implementations in world in respect to number of stations. Around 400 AtoN stations were equipped with AIS AtoNs during the project.
• Information from navigational aids and all other local AIS messages broadcast are transferred to Remote Monitoring Center (RMC).
• Messages produced in RMC and automated AIS-AtoN messages can be broadcasted to AIS receiver units within the range.
• The dynamic data and information flow from local sensors which connected to AIS AtoN can be broadcasted in AIS message format and will be shared with RMC.
• Two-way data transmission for the remote control of the navigational aids, AIS-AtoN and its connected units are enabled.
• RMC collects, processes and evaluates the information for system management purposes.