Communication Gateway

i-mrn-CGW Communication Gateway Previous Next i-mrn-CGW Communication Gateway is a dual redundant connection interface module which provides remote monitoring and control functions for i-ais-AN1 AIS AtoN Station. It enables maritime authorities to handle monitoring and control functions of AIS AtoN Station through remote access. With the help of user- friendly “Monitoring & Management SW”, maritime […]

AIS AtoN Station

i-ais-AN1 AIS AtoN Station Type I, III AIS AtoN with Extended Interfaces Previous Next i-ais-AN1 is an AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Station which basically broadcasts AIS Message 21 about the location and real-time status of the AtoN on which it is physically or virtually located.  Periodical AIS AtoN static and dynamic data broadcast (Message […]