AIS AtoN Management

AMS is a remote monitoring & management package for physical AtoN and AIS AtoN stations. It uses standard NMEA sentences to communicate with AIS AtoN stations in order to provide following system functionalities;

LTM presents the following functionality

  • AIS AtoN Station remote monitoring,
  • AIS AtoN Station remote management (control functions),
  • AtoN Management
    • AtoN status (On / Off)
    • Power info (Voltage / current)
    • Intensity control
    • Characteristics control
    • Remote diagnostics & alarm messages
    • Compatible with most well-known LED lantern brands
    • RACON, rotating beacon, leading light integration
    • Remote reset
  • Floating AtoN protection zone,
  • Floating AtoN drifting zone,
  • AIS-VDL analysis,
  • Traffic analysis

Solution Specifications

  • iSea Support
  • Shore / Floating / Central System
  • Web based
  • AIS AtoN Management
  • Secure Communication