i-ais-TB SO

AIS Class B SO Transponder

Safe Navigation via Advanced AIS Functions

i-ais-TB SO Class B AIS Transponder is capable of providing vessel information automatically, continuously and with the required accuracy and update rate. It can be used for collision avoidance (in a ship-to-ship mode), traffic management (as a VTS tool in ship-to-shore mode) and obtaining information about the craft.

In addition to standard Class B SO features, i-ais-TB SO has advantageous functions that can be used by local authorities. It can generate and transmit alarm messages according to pre-defined rules (i.e. entering a prohibited zone, over-speed in a defined area); automatically switches to high power output (5W) mode for pre-defined regions (i.e. wide range inland sea) and Search and Rescue (SAR) events, if it is set for 1W output.

Moreover, it filters MMSI numbers of other fisheries vessels to hide hunting regions, informs the authorities in case of intentional power cut-offs to prevent tracking and provides black box feature for analysis of past events.

  •   Zone based rules and adaptive operation
  • Automatic output power setting (1W / 5W)
  • Special functions for fisheries management
  • SAR Button (Emergency)
  • Information for intentional power cut-offs
  • Collision warning messages
  • Black box feature
  • Capability to transmit binary messages
  • Reporting intervals down to 5s
  • Compatible with i-SEA Platform

General Specifications

Operating Temperature Range -15 C to +55 C
Storage Temperature Range -30 C to +70 C
Humidity Up to 93% at 40 C non-condensing
Power Supply Voltage 10-30 V DC
Supply Current  < 150 mA nominal @ 12V
Size 150 mm x 74 mm x 36 mm
Weight < 400 g.
Connectors VHF Antenna: SMA Female
GPS Antenna: SMA Male
Micro USB
Serial Interface
Case  Aluminum Alloy (AlMg05Si) 6063
Case IP Rating IP 54
Interfaces 1 x USB
User Manual
Data Sheet