AIS Tracker

Safe Navigation via Advanced AIS Function

i-ais-TRK is a portable Class B AIS Transponder which improves the safety of navigation by assisting in the efficient navigation of ships and small craft, protection of the environment and operation of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS).

i-ais-TRK is a compact device that internally integrates VHF / GPS antennas and a re-chargeable battery. It provides 2 to 5 Watt adjustable VHF output which gives the best accessibility / availability for fishing vessels and boats.

In addition to standard Class B CS features, i-ais-TRK has advantageous functions that can be required by local authorities. It generates and transmits alarm messages according to pre-defined zones and rules (i.e. entering a prohibited zone, over-speed in a defined area); automatically switches to high power output (5W) mode for pre-defined regions (i.e. wide range inland sea) and Search and Rescue (SAR) events and provides black box feature for analysis of past events.

Thanks to its modular structure, i-ais-TRK can easily be adapted for portable or fixed operation by means of optional external antenna and power kits.

  • Compact, small sized, all-in-one transponder
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Automatic configuration for MMSI of hosting platform
  • Automatic power up / down with installation on platform
  • Zone based rules and adaptive operation
  • Automatic output power setting
  • Special functions for fisheries management
  • SAR button for emergency
  • Black Box feature
  • Optional external antenna inputs for VHF and GPS
  • Optional solar charge stand with external batteries
  • Robust housing (IP67)
  • Compatible with i-SEA Platform

General Specifications

Operating Temperature Range -15 C to +55 C
Storage Temperature Range -30 C to +70 C
Humidity Up to 93% at 40 C non-condensing
Size 450mm x 65mm x 35mm
Weight  <650 g.
Connectors None for standard configuration
Case Plastic
Interfaces 1 x Serial Data Interface via Charging Unit (Cradle)
1 x SAR Button
Battery Built in Lithium-Ion battery (2100mAh)
Charging with Universal AC/DC Adapter
More than 5 days Operation Time with full battery
5 hours Battery Charging Time
Data Sheet