Communication Gateway

Dual Redundant Communication Interface for i-ais-AN1

i-kon-CGW Communication Gateway is a dual redundant connection interface module which provides remote monitoring and control functions for i-ais-AN1 AIS AtoN Station.

Communication Gateway enables maritime authorities to handle monitoring and control functions of AIS AtoN Station through remote access. With the help of user-friendly “Monitoring & Management SW”, maritime authorities can monitor marine traffic and status of system or manage the operation of AIS AtoN stations, Lanterns, RACONs and Rotating Beacons, etc.

i-kon-CGW supports both Ethernet (ADSL, DSL, etc) and GPRS connection, and the priority can be assigned for any mode.

In case of a connection failure, i-kon-CGW automatically switches to the other available communication channel; either Ethernet or GPRS. If all pre-defined connections are unavailable, i-kon-CGW stores all monitoring and status data in an internal removable storage (SD card), which supports up to 2 GB capacity.

In addition to the remote communication features, i-kon-CGW provides and controls lantern regulated power using LANTERN ports.

  • Remote operation through Ethernet or GPRS connection
  • Lantern power control
  • Internal SD card for NMEA Log
  • Robust housing (IP66)
  • Compatible with i-SEA Platform

General Specifications

Operating Temperature Range -15 C to +55 C
Storage Temperature Range -30 C to +70 C
Humidity Up to 93% at 40 C non-condensing
Power Supply Voltage 12 – 24V DC (min/max:10-30 V DC)
Supply Current 200 mA nominal @ 12 V DC
(plus supply current of connected lantern)
Size 152mm x 174mm x 95mm
Weight 1.0 kg
Connectors GSM Antenna: TNC-RP Female
Circular Plastic Connectors for POWER / LANTERN 12V / LANTERN / COM / PROG-AUX / ETHERNET
Case Aluminum Alloy (AlMg0-5Si) 6063
Case IP Rating IP-66
User Manual
Data Sheet