Local Traffic Management

LTM is an efficient and easy-applicable package for displaying maritime data of a specific region.  Being optimized for local marine traffic management, LTM stands between VTRS and VTS in terms of system scope. LTM provides basic sensor integration, core traffic management tools and data exchange interface in a cost-effective structure.

LTM presents the following functionality

  • Tracking and identification of vessels
  • Ship type classification
  • Historic re-play of logged traffic
  • Automatic alarm generation and display
  • Basic sensor integration (AIS – MOS – CCTV)
  • Advanced reporting functions
  • Zone operations (forbidden area, speed limit, anchoring etc.)
  • Meteorological & Oceanographic Measurement (optional)
AISRadioOp. ConsoleIP CamMOS

Solution Specifications

  • iSea Support
  • Onboard / Shore / Central System
  • Web based
  • S-57 ENC support
  • Enchanced AIS functions