Offshore Platform Security

OPSS is a remote monitoring & management package for offshore platforms. Enhanced protection and potential threats detection around the platform allows operators to protect asset from undesired events or accidents.

OPSS provides the following functions


  • AIS AtoN Station remote monitoring & management
  • Tracking and identification of vessels
  • Ship type classification
  • Historic re-play of logged traffic
  • Platform protection
    • Surrounding traffic monitoring
    • Platform protection zone
    • Entry into protected zones and time to entry (CPA/ TCPA)
    • Trigger local hardware (siren, alarm etc.)
    • Allowed vessels list (entrance w/o alarm triggering)
  • Traffic analysis

Solution Specifications

  • iSea Support
  • Shore / Floating / Central System
  • Web based
  • AIS AtoN Management
  • Secure Communication