Smuggling Detection System

SDS is a real-time surveillance solution designed to increase security around costal area. Based on core VMS, SDS provides behavioral analysis and anomaly detection tools. Wider coast coverage can be achieved by integrating SAT-AIS service.

SDS presents the following functionality

  • Tracking and identification of vessels
  • Ship type classification
  • Historic re-play of logged traffic
  • Automatic alarm generation and display
  • Coastal zone
  • Vessel speed trend monitoring
  • Vessel navigation monitoring
  • Abreast detection support
  • Anomaly detection (behavior definition and analysis)
  • Automatic AIS message transmission to vessels
  • Traffic analysis
  • Shore station remote monitoring (optional)

Solution Specifications

  • iSea Support
  • Shore / Central System
  • Web based
  • Enhanced AIS Functions
  • Secure Communication