Local Traffic Management

VTS package includes the sensor fusion and also traffic services components on top of VTRS. Fusion of AIS, radar and other input sources provides one integrated picture for system operators.

VTS presents the following functionality

  • Tracking and identification of vessels
  • Information Service: Broadcasting information such as waterway conditions, weather, hazards or accidents etc.
  • Traffic Organization: Operational management of traffic, forward planning of vessel movements, sailing planning etc.
  • Navigational Assistance: To support vessels under difficult navigational or meteorological circumstances
  • Historic re-play of logged traffic
  • Automatic alarm generation and display
  • Sensor fusion (AIS – Radar – DF – CCTV etc.)
  • Advanced reporting functions
  • Zone operations (forbidden area, speed limit, anchoring etc.)
  • Traffic analysis (optional)
  • Training mode (optional)
  • Meteorological & Oceanographic Measurement (optional)
  • Thermal or Infra-red Camera Support (optional)
  • Shore station remote monitoring (optional)
AISRadioRadarOp. Console

Solution Specifications

  • iSea Support
  • Onboard / Shore / Central System
  • Web based
  • S-57 ENC support
  • Enchanced AIS functions
  • Secure Communication
  • Zone Alarms