Warship AIS Transponder

Enhanced for Military Requirements

i-ais-W, Warship AIS (WAIS) System is an Automatic Identi cation System enhanced for military requirements defined in related STANAG 4668 (Ed.2) and 4669 (Ed.2). The i-ais-WTA, WAIS Transponder, is a Class-A AIS mobile station that also provides WAIS functionality by means of a secure mode and a spoofing module in addition to the standard AIS functionality.

i-Marine i-ais-WTA WAIS Transponder is a Class-A AIS mobile device, which provides WAIS functionality in addition to the standard AIS features.
Warship functionality over standard Class A features mainly includes additional operating modes, spoofing capability and extension of standard VHF marine band for operation (VHF-P frequencies).

i-ais-WTA can conceal the standard (real) identification, type and position information, where required, and produces a set of fake data (position offset, false identity, fake type, fake echo, reduced signal power, etc.) to transmit from standard AIS channels. While in spoofing mode; the real AIS data is broadcast in encrypted format while the fake AIS data is broadcast as standard, unencrypted AIS messages. The operator can de ne fake scenarios or information for up to 10 vessels, using different approaches (Offset / Delayed / Pre-planned Route).

  • Operating modes (Active / Passive / Protected)
  • Blue force tracking
  • Spoofing capability
  • Transmission and reception on VHF-P channels
  • Robust housing (IP66)
  • Fully compliant with IEC and ITU standards
  • Compliant with STANAG 4668 (Ed.2) and 4669 (Ed.2)
  • 8 x RS-422 ports (IEC61162-2 comp.)

General Specifications

Operating Temperature Range -15 C to +55 C
Storage Temperature Range -30 C to +70 C
Humidity Up to 93% at 40 C non-condensing
Power Supply Voltage 12 / 24 V DC (max 10V – 30V DC)
Power Consumption Nominal <10W / max 50W during transmission
Size 200 mm x 220 mm x 140 mm
Weight < 4.5 kg
Connectors VHF Antenna: N Female
GPS Antenna: TNC Female
Data Connector: MIL-DTL-38999 comp.
Power Connector: MIL-DTL-38999 comp.

Transmitter Specifications

Operating Frequency Range  156.025 – 162.025 MHz (VHF-P frequencies are also supported)
Channel Spacing 25 kHz
Transmitter Output Power 12.5W (41dBm) nominal
1W (30dBm) low power mode
Modulation GMSK

Receiver Specifications

# of Receivers 3 x AIS
1 x AIS & DSC
Operating Frequency Range 156.025 – 162.025 MHz (VHF-P frequencies are also supported)
Channel Spacing 25 kHz
Receiver Sensitivity Better than -107dBm
Co-Channel Rejection Better than 10 dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity > 70 dB
Spurious Response Rejection > 70 dB
Intermodulation Response Rejection > 74 dB
Blocking or Desensitization > 74 dB
Spurious Radiation (conducted) < -57 dBm


Sensor Input 3 x RS-422 (IEC61162-2 compatible / can be configured as complies with IEC61162-1 as well)
Hi Speed Input / Outputs  5 x RS-422 (IEC61162-2 comp.) (All interface ports are software configurable)
User Manual
Data Sheet